About Kevin Kopil

Kevin head shotAs a furniture designer, Kevin Kopil has made wood his favored medium. Using the finest Appalachian hardwood, his expertly crafted, hand made furniture pieces evoke the British-born Arts and Crafts period, yet are undeniably modern. Kopil plays off the deliberate spareness of the 19th century style in order to let the beauty and poetry of the wood grain take center stage. These are luxuriously opulent, tactile pieces that, due to their graceful silhouettes, do not overpower.

The designer first picked up his hammer as a ten-year old, working alongside his father in their basement wood shop in Carteret, New Jersey. He studied electronics in college but took some time off to apprentice to master craftsman Laurie Smith in rural Vermont. It was his formal education in wood construction, and shortly afterward he dropped electronics and transferred to the University of Vermont to study architectural design. A second apprenticeship, with craftsman Mark Pedley, readied Kopil to open his own studio in 1988.

In 1991, after introducing his first collection called Classics, galleries in Chicago, Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut began to showcase the unique furniture maker’s work. Kopil steadily built a clientele for his handcrafted pieces and now has the Floating World, Glasgow, and Mei Mei collections as additional testament to his modern interpretations of 19th century style.

Kopil’s work is sold through fine craft galleries on the east coast and in Chicago. From his Doylestown, Pennsylvania design studio, he continues to produce pieces from his collections, as well as producing custom wood furniture pieces upon request reinforcing his reputation as a top custom furniture maker in the area.